Dr David J A Wyllie
University of Edinburgh

I am the Director of the Centre for Discovery Brain Sciences at the University of Edinburgh and a Principal Investigator in the Centre for Brain Development and Repair at the Institute for Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine in Bangalore, India. I gained my PhD from University College London in 1992; here began my long-standing research interest in physiology, pharmacology and function of ligand-gated ion channels, particularly those activated by the neurotransmitter, L-glutamate. Through electrophysiological studies, my lab seeks to understand the structure-function properties and physiological roles of the various subtypes of NMDA receptors. In related research we use pre-clinical models of single gene causes of neurodevelopmental disorders to study the properties of altered synaptic function and to assess the extent to which pharmacological intervention can ameliorate the changes that are observed in such models. In addition, our research extends to the electrophysiological and functional characterization of defined neuronal and glial populations derived from human pluripotent stem cells and specifically those from individuals suffering from neurodevelopmental and neurodegenerative diseases. Our overall aim is to develop an integrated approach to research that begins with the study of single protein molecules and synaptic function and extends, through collaboration with colleagues, to whole animal studies with an ultimate goal of the clinical study and treatment of disease.