Peter Kind
University of Edinburgh

Professor Kind is Director of the Simons Initiative for the Developing Brain at the Patrick Wild Centre for Research into Autism, Fragile X Syndrome (FXS) and Intellectual Disability and Professor of Developmental Neuroscience at the University of Edinburgh. He is also Associate Director at the Centre for Brain Development and Repair (CBDR) at the Institute for Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine (Instem), Bangalore, India. Professor Kind completed his postdoctoral training with Professor Colin Blakemore at Oxford University and Professor Susan Hockfield at Yale University. Professor Kind received his PhD from Oxford University in 1993.

The Kind laboratory examines the cellular dysfunction associated with monogenic forms of moderate to severe neurodevelopmental disorders. The laboratory focuses on synaptic function, from the physiological and morphological alterations to the behavioural phenotypes associated with mouse and rat models of these disorders. We also test the hypothesis that distinct genetic causes of ID/ASD converge on common biochemical and associated cellular pathologies that may be amenable to similar therapeutic approaches. Recently we have started examining the deficits associated with genetic deletion of CDKL5 as a result of a research grant from the Loulou Foundation.